What We Do

At United Energy, we bring over 40 years of experienced outside perspective to energy infrastructure systems, providing solutions that drive revenue, reduce costs and cultivate sustainability.

Energy Problems Can Be Complicated

Cookie cutter methods and quick fixes are typically not the most cost-effective and efficient use of resources.  Before producing a unique solution, our team partners with each client to understand their process, infrastructure, and strategy.  We use this information to develop conceptual and detailed design, detailed financial models, risk analysis, and most importantly – funding solutions. 

The World's View on Energy is Changing

Management and security of energy have become the focal point of our digital environment.  Energy sourcing and conservation create complex challenges to an organization’s sustainability efforts.  We work with your teams to develop and implement system-wide goals, rather than compartmentalized solutions.

United Energy's Number One Goal Is To Leave Your Energy System Better Than We Found It.

In developing the most appropriate response for your needs, our team will become familiar with your energy use patterns while comparing them to your billed rate structure.  This comprehensive approach to your unique energy situation will result in an innovative solution designed to deliver long term success at a cost you can afford.

United Energy has served customers with exclusivity, and as part of a team built from forward thinking engineers, developers, and innovators - each with a specific expertise in multiple engineering and financial disciplines. In other words, if our skill set can't solve your problem, we know a guy...or gal.